For legal issues and quires we have hired the services of A & H Law Associates. which is a premier law firm.
A&H Law Associates is Rawalpindi / Islamabad based primer law firm. It enjoys the confidence of firms, corporations and companies, specially which deals with the business of REAL ESTATE i.e Buying and Selling of real estate. A & H Law Associates primary focus is to protect its client under legal cover from any FRAUD or MISREPRESENTATION by keeping privacy and confidentiality of its client…
A&H Law Associates provide vide range of services in legal arena including the following, ○Drafting of agreements to sell.


○Review the Agreement of Purchase and all other legal documents.
○Ensure there are no claims listed against the property.
○Ensure property taxes are up to date.
○Calculate the land transfer tax due on closing dates.
○Draw up the mortgage documents.
○Close the transaction and ensure all legal and financial conditions are met.
○Review the Agreement of Sale and other legal documents before you sign.
○Assist you with the negotiation of the terms and conditions and the transference of titles.
○Ensure all legal and financial conditions have been met.
○Registration of Property and and Registration of Sale Deed.
○All Issues relating to Transfer of Property
○Overseas Pakistani Property/Real Estate issues handling.