Bahria Enclave Sector “C” has 3 sub sectors C1,C2 and C3. Sector “C” contains 1Kanal, 2Kanal and 4Kanal Plots. sector “C” is fully developed and possession able. 60 to 70 houses are ready and families are enjoying beauty of line there and  Nearly 20  other houses are getting constructed in sector C . Bahria Town is constructing world class hospital in Sector “C”. Gray Structure of hospital is completed and interior work is started. Hospital will be functional in next year.  Sector C has a beautiful view of Margla hills.


Sub Sector C-1 contains 10Marla Plots. Sector C1 is mostly developed and possession able. Some streets of Sector C1 are under development and will be ready to possession in near future.70 or some families are living in there.

C-1 Extension

Due to great demand of sector C-1 Bahria lunched C-1 extension. it is under development prices are low here compering to C-1. Extension is a good place for Investors.


Sub Sector C2 contains 10Marla and 1Kanal Plots. Most of the streets are developed and possession able.


Sub Sector C3 contains 10Marla and 1Kanal Plots most likely C2, C3 is also partially developed